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The 10 LOST years.

Assalamualaikum all, 

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Now now, let's get on with the post shall we? Today's featured story will be one by Sister S. 

Salam sis, Here is a story of me & my mum... Sorry if is a bit too long.. But ni da banyak fast forward..


The 10 lost years..

Growing up I was a very independent child. Maybe because from small im used to have both my parents working all the time and having 2 other siblings who is older than me by 12 years made me a more matured teen. We all had this if i could turn back time wish. At 16 i got pregnant and got married.

That was when everything changed.

Then i had my life, a life that mattered so much i did everything to protect it. Maybe i was too young and naive that i chose to listen to other people to the extend i lost contact with my own family, parents, siblings for 10 years. The stories i heard was my small family had disturbances from blackmagic caused by my mum.

As i say i was too naive that i believed this. (Fast forward) 10 years into my marriage i got divorced. But still after that i led my own life... Alone... Finally a year later on the eve of Syawal 2013 i found myself outside my parents home.

I knocked on the door it swung open,there she was... My mum... All i did was hug and cried very tightly.. No words were uttered but it felt so deep... So calm... No words could ever describe that point of moment.. That feeling i feel when i hugged my daughter when she cries looking for comfort.. All my mum did was comfort me, saying its ok...

All these bad episodes has passed. After my "appearance" i heard stories from my siblings, aunt and my mum herself on how for the first 3 years of my absence on how sick she was... Allahu i felt like im the most cruel person in the world.. A sinner.. My mum was often in a daze,restless, filled with tears and sadness..

She said it was so painful, more painful than any physical sickess/pain she ever had. The pain of a broken hearted mother... After 3 years of pain of agony she finally had the strength.. She said the pain was too unbearable that one day in her heavy sobbing she begged Allah to ease her pain,stop all the tears and she knows that one day maybe 5 years later or 10 years later i will come back and from that moment on all tears had dried she led her life and syukur Allah kept her strong and healthy.

Now im happily married. Life is more complete. My mum and I have been as close as ever.. We may not see each other everyday or talk to each other everyday but what is deep within is what no one knows.. She always tell me that she know how independent i am that she dont have too worry for me.. Now everytime in my dua all i ask from Allah is keep my mum near to me for as long as He permits as i have lost 10 years with her and i need many more years to make up for that 10 lost years....




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