5 types of Customers! Which one are you?

Amalia NazuraMay 19, '17
  1. The bargainer

The bargainer – the one who wants more discounts even though we have already given her a lower price. Org tua cakap kasi betis, nak peha. Hehehe. I totally understand that sometimes you just want to own something very much but cannot afford it. Or you want to just save money. We do try to accommodate to everyone but sometimes that is already our very best.

Org cakap kalau buat business tapi tak ada untung, buang masa. What Dr Azizan said.. Sometimes your product is not for everyone. Tak akan semua yang mampu, tak akan semua yang beli. Ada je org yg kaya and mampu tapi tak beli because they will think that your product is cheap and is not of “luxury” item. Tapi aka ada je org yg tak mampu beli, so dia pun tak beli lah. What is most important is, you need to know who your specific target market is. Kalau orang tak beli tu, maybe they’re not the right market and rezki tu dah ditentukan kan?

Firstly, scout around – insya Allah our price is already the cheapest (ready-made Abaya). Kalau Nampak abaya that is $40-$50, insya Allah itu bukan Nidha Fabric. Insya Allah in time to come, we will write about the difference between the types of Abaya. We might also be able to do an abaya test. Keep a lookout for that!

Secondly, we very much seek your support as we are running a business. Kalau boleh, kita kasi kurang, tapi kalau tak boleh we really hope you understand and continue to support us. Manalah tau, dah banyak supporters we can start to manufacture in bulk and that will in return allow us to offer you a much better price.


  1. The banyak –tanya- tapi- tak- beli

“Yang ni ada size tak? Is there any other colors for this? I’m not sure what size I wear, do you have a size chart? How is the mailing like? Do I need to pay for the mailing? Kalau rosak boleh tukar tak? Kalau I nak alter, is there any charges……” and then she disappears.

Also i realized these customers tend to be the more picky ones. 

Hehe I totally understand your concern (because my sister pon always banyak tanya) & it’s a good thing because you’re making sure that you are buying a good item – after all, it’s YOUR hard-earned money.

ASK so that you can be sure that you have the right size, you know everything about the item that you’re going to purchase. Read our F.A.Q here 

ASK so that you can start “Trusting” the seller.

One of the reasons why people don’t buy from you is because they don’t trust you. So we really don’t mind if you’re going to ask us questions because we know and understand that it is a process of you having to trust a seller before buying.

Sometimes it’s upsetting when they ask so much and then suddenly just disappeared.Takpe, at least they have already known us and they have already inquired.. So they're one step closer kan compare to the others that have not heard of your business?

Insya Allah they will come back and we will await you dear, customer.


  1. The easy ok-go customer

The easy to deal with customers.


Nak > Place order > Done!

Yes, we love easy customers but sometimes the lack of interaction there can hinder the customer-seller relationship which we’d like to build.

BM wants new customers but we also need our old customers. Why? Because they’ve purchased from us, it’s easier for them to trust us once again. We also want to continue building that relationship with you because we wouldn’t exist without you.

  1. The angsty customer

This is totally unavoidable. Hahaha. Ada je customer yang akan marah-marah. Well…. If it’s a mistake on our part, YES we will try our best to redeem ourselves and make it up to you.

Of course ada je business yang jual product cosmetics, health etc yang akan kene marah because the customer sees no improvement after 3 DAYS. Itu….. I don’t know what to say. Either sengal atau sengal. Heh.

Also some customers always seem moody to me. Macam kita berbual lively, happy tapi dia macam hmmmmmmmm… marah ke ape I don’t really know. Maybe that’s just the way the person is. Mungkin dia ada masalah that they’ve bottled up to the point that they didn’t realize they are giving off a negative and angry aura.

(YES, Auras are real, I believe in it > I’ll try to write do more research on this and get back to you all)

So as sellers, kita sabar je lah. After all, like I mentioned we will not exist if not for customers. Customers ni manusia and manusia sentiasa ada masalah. Where there is problems, there is an opportunity for us, businesses insya Allah.

  1. The loyal customers i.e Raving Fans

A classic example? iPhone users will jeer at Samsung and vice versa.

Kalau you dah start pakai iphone you will forever be an iPhone fan. Tak nak pakai Samsung sebab meletop. Tapi kalau you Samseng fan, phone terbakar pon you still pakai kan?

That’s what they call a raving fan.

And whatever product you release, akan tetap ada org yang beli. iPhone watch, earphones ke ape.. Even though that thing is troublesome and the least convenient of all (i.e adalah brand tu.. with no separate headphone jack!!!!)

How do you create raving fan and how do people become a raving fan? When you deliver more than is expected, you underpromise rather than you overpromise. People will start to trust you and insya Allah will come back to you.

Okay that’s all for today, I wrote this based on my encounters plus have added in some of the knowledge that I learnt in a seminar recently, alhamdulillah.

Have a blessed day everyone.

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