Next Delivery Date for Pre-orders: 1 March 2019

Bye February, and Come March-ing in 💃🏼

It's very unpredictable with the weather here in the UAE. Clean cars don't stay clean for more than a day 😂. In Singapore, when it rains, it's a 'free car wash'. Here, in the sandpit, when it rains, your car wears a 'facemask'... because, after the rain stops, your car is covered by all the dust brought down by the rain. If you are too happy your car is parked in a covered parking, don't be too happy just yet. The moment you drive out that very clean car onto the wet road after the rain, you will have mud like splashes on the lower body of the car .... hahaahahahha  #Strugglesofawoman

So, By.Marlena is reaching two years this year. How time flies we don't really know. Are we successful yet? Far from it, lots to learn. We do know how we, that we are improving ourselves, the product and the brand. A new motivation that I have - write about the monthly happenings. Good for you to know what we've been up, great for us to know where we can work on or continue doing.

So, a recap of February happenings in By.Marlena...

First and foremost, we've changed our Whatsapp contact to a Singapore number ??. Alhamdulillah. No, calling is only to UAE number.... hahahaha.... but my team (Amalia, Ain, Ifrad & Aida) in Singapore will always be reachable on phone.

We have newly released new additions to the Miidle East Collection, replacing the old ones with Dawna, Agia, Clarissa, Falia, Asyqa, Liana and Cleo. Beautiful embroidery is the 'in thing' at the moment.


With the Blanc Collection, we are still taking orders for Chloe and Chantelle. Chantelle has been receiving quite a few queries and orders too. We are also custom-making two Chloe in girls version with different coloured lace. As always, I love theme and contrast, not so much for identical Mother-Daughter pairing. Great news the Mommy likes it... the girls??? They love it! Can't wait for the final product.


Oh yes! Let's not forget Lamar from our Hana Collection which was swiped within the first hour of launch. We ❤️ how the lace and fabric came to live.... seem to be dancing around the feet as the wearer walks. Major love.

The next plan for February, was to make By.Marlena accessible to everyone. So, we aare trialling to add 'Lay-Buy' payment option. It works like an 'instalment' scheme. Brilliant if you who have been eyeing on the PL or Hana Collection or even MEC but a little tight to pay at one go. So, you choose the payment plan you wish to take up, put a deposit and the remaining payment will be reminded to you closer to the due date via your email. While the deposit may be paid using a credit card, the subsequent payment will require you to have a PayPal account. The item will be mailed out to you once the last payment is received. Note : PayPal will add a charge of 0.9% for admin fee. So if the abaya is $80, you only pay $0.72. So go on and try it out and tell us your thoughts, e.g. Ease of use, efficient, etc.

Anyways, March will bring us to a new exciting journey for me, as we are preparing for a major event for us in By.Marlena. We will be at KassimBaba Livefest on 30th March - 2nd April. We are launching all new designs for MEC at the 4-day event. I will fly in to Singapore specifically for this special event, Insya Allah. KassimBaba is a new online shopping platform for all your needs that caters to the Muslim community and this is the first event in Singapore. So excited to meet you there!

And be on the lookout for another promo By.Marlena. Two lucky winners will be randomly selected. First prize winner will be receiving a Private Label abaya, runner up will be receiving a Middle East Collection abaya. So what do you need to do in the promo? Just wait for it... we'll be announcing it on our instagram page. Winners will be announced on the final day of the KassimBaba livefest.

Till then....

look after yourself, eat well, sleep well and be happy.

❤️ Marlena

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