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I was never my mum's biggest fan.

Assalamualaikum sisters, 

Here's to Day #1 of our Mum-me sharing from our recent mother-daughter campaign. The winner of the campaign will walk away with a set of 2 Abaya for herself and mother/daughter!

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Salam alayk ByMarlena Team, 

I love blogging but I realized I've never written an entry personally about my relationship with my mother. This has been one of the hard ones to share but here goes...

I was never her biggest fan, my mum. She used to be extremely controlling and protective of my every move. I couldn't understand why since I was at the peak of adolescence. I hurt myself and my family, a lot. I also hadn't any sense of direction where my life was heading to nor did I care. 

It was at the age of 16 when I fell into depression. Despite having made my mother cry a lot due to the monster I was, she never once gave up on me. She tried her best to understand what I was going through. I was faithless and spiritually empty then. So she brought me to see a therapist and even a raqi'. It was hard for me to fathom all that was going on because a)I didn't want to live anymore and b) I couldn't understand why my mom was fighting for my life more than I was.
One of the most heartfelt moments with her was when she took my hands and hugged me while I was shaking uncontrollably from a panic attack and told me that she would start going to counseling sessions together. You see, she was a busy working mom and we were always quarreling. She barely had time for herself and her kids. She could have simply gone on a holiday and ran away from the chaos we called home. Yet, she persisted and kept on pushing me and sacrificed her time.

and, not once did she ever give up on me.

My therapist made us bond over cooking and baking sessions. What came next was a lot of tears, hugs, and heart to heart talks. I feel like if it were not my mother's persistence, constant moral support, du'as, unconditional love and strength, I would have further lost myself. I will always hold on to that memory of her hugging me while I was at my lowest, and hope that I can be there for her or my children like that too. Her strength and struggles she went through gives me hope that I, too, can be strong.

Ever since then, I've been afraid of losing my mother. Although we still fight and bicker from time to time, I will always remember and look up to my mother's selflessness and courage. I really hope Allah grants her the highest of Jannah and reunites us there ❤

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