I'm not ready to wear the Hijab.

Amalia NazuraSep 5, '17


"I'm not ready to wear the hijab"

Have you ever heard someone say this? Or have you thought about it yourself?

Do you have friends that are "part-time" hijabi - Sometimes they're wearing the hijab and other times they decide not to wear them?

Do you feel that those hijabi with uniforms at their workplace should find another job that allows hijabs?

I think about 3 -4 years ago, I attended this course about Hijab. The attendees who came were mostly those who were facing struggles with putting on the Hijab. Be it work commitments, be it their husbands did not want them to don the Hijab or be it they are not ready. 

I've learnt quite a lot from that 1.5 hour course. Alhamdulillah. I realized there are people out there with stories, with their own struggles and we are not in the position to judge them.

Their struggle and yours may be different. And you may think that Person A's struggle is easier than yours. But don't you forget, Person A's struggle might be the toughest struggle for herself because Allah only gives you tests which you can bear. 

Also remember, the tougher the struggle that you overcome, the greater the reward. And Allah knows how difficult that struggle is for you. Only He knows so I hope you don't let others' irrelevant opinion affect you. 

Maybe that person is already wearing a hijab but she wears turbans that shows of her neck. Maybe her hijab is not covering her chest. 

As humans, we'd tend to quickly think "Pakai tudung tapi...." or we'd think "Sekejap pakai, sekejap buka".. Maybe even "Lebih baik tak payah pakai..."

Who are we again to say, let alone think that?

How do you know if they have just recently converted to Islam? Or do you know that they have just started wearing the hijab a day ago? What would she feel if she heard your words or even thoughts? Do you think she'll be able to continue trying to wear the hijab if she's heard 100 of the same comments?

And for those people who are not ready to wear the hijab, May Allah bless you and give you Hidayah insha Allah. 

I didn't grow up in a family that wore the hijab. Nobody forced me to cover mysself In fact, I was the first to wear the hijab followed by my sister and later my mothers. I was lying in bed one night, and I couldn't sleep.

I chanced upon this story about a boy and his father, after which I started crying so badly thinking about how we don't know when our time is up. Do we want to drag our Fathers and Husbands to hell? I cried thinking about all my mistakes - I was only 16 then. 

Plus, I remembered my classmates (My class was dominantly male btw, so I had only one girl-friend and the rest were guys) at 16 of course, just talking about girls and I didn't like it. The thoughts and imaginations boys had, I feel scared if anyone were to think of me the same.

And so I decided, hey I am going to seriously wear the Hijab. 

Maybe that's hidayah Allah that came to me in the wee hours of the night. Alhamdulillah for that. I hope for those of you ladies who are struggling, may Allah give you hidayah just as He did for me. 

And for the rest who are already wearing, Alhamdulillah. Let us continue improving and focusing on ourselves - thats better than commenting on others eh?


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