#KBLIVEFEST - ByMarlena's first expo-sure. 😉

Amalia NazuraApr 8, '17

We'd like to say thank you to all who came down and supported us in any way. We enjoyed meeting each and everyone of you who came. Honestly, we were only 40% percent prepared. Unlike other vendors who seemed accustomed and familiar to setting up, props needed... We were on our learning roll. 

The big bosses had just flew in the same day of the setup by the way. So we had banners, standing mannequins, a nets terminal and stocks of course! What we didn't know was how to make the booth "LOOK GOOD". The walls were empty, we barely had enough hangers to display all our stocks and we didn't have any hanging half-body mannequins to display our abayas. (Well, we didn't even know we needed them in the first place 😝😝😝). 

Our humble start at the booth...

Alhamdulillah, Allah sent us help. A brother of our  close friend who is also an experienced vendor coached us on what is needed. Ya Allah. You've sent your help in various ways. May Allah repay Abg Aminul for his generous assistance. 

 Dad with Abg Aminul, our mentor

Anyway, Thursday was a great start. Friday even better. Saturday was unbelievable as the crowd came in non-stop, masya allah. It was really a great experience for By Marlena Team (actually the whole family). Even my youngest brother, Aidil, has his involvement for the first time, starts getting interested with the business. 

As we speak, mum (Mdm lady boss) is preparing all the Pre and Custom-made orders from the expo. Subhannallah. The orders keep coming in too. While some were not able to be at the expo, they patiently wait for the new launches online. Jazakallah khairoon.  

To all of our expo customers,  PLEASE do give us a nudge on WhatsApp (you can contact me directly) or via Email after week 3 if you have not received an update from us. We learnt a few months ago that our system may automatically archive the orders, resulting us to miss the orders that have not been fulfilled! (#thetrialanderrorcanneverhappenagain)

Things we learn as a booth vendor and we'd like to share it with you ... (berdosa kalau tak share ilmu)

- prepare way in advance of your inventory, packaging, transportation

- be generous (we offered water cuplets to our customers; a good practice that has been practiced in shops here in the UAE)

- know your stock level

- have a nets terminal ready because customers prefer to keep hold of their cash for smaller purchases 

- on the last day, never leave your vehicle in the rear entrance; you may never be able to leave the venue after you are all packed up and ready to leave. Other vendors might have lorries parked for loading too. 

- make friends both with your customers, potential customers and other vendors... (smiling is free)

 We are sharing these information because we learn one thing. When Allah sends help to you via someone who shares knowledge with you, it's your turn to help others as we have had several individuals who wrote to us to ask... (we definitely know how it is was to ask somebody a question when we first started; we heard nothing from her.... no hal... Allah is with us, alhamdulillah.) 

Here are some of the photos of the customers who came and say hi to us, and also to our online supporters. Tabarakallah. Once again, thank you to all who came down. Be on the lookout for our next booth setup. Insya Allah.










Amalia N. 

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