Let’s talk fabric!

Amalia NazuraFeb 22, '19

Just recently, Mum brought me to the boutiques where we send our Private Label Abayas to while the team was in Dubai sometime last week. 

Before we start on the fabrics, how many of you are Nidha fans? I’m sure most of you are - because ME TOO! I swear by Nidha. Well, that was before i learnt more about the fabrics available for the Private Label. 

From Coat Fabric to Water or “Textured” Fabric and Mixed Linen. But even the Nidha boutiques use are of a higher quality with a more thicker feel, and more opaque compared to the usual ones we bring from bulk manufacturers. That’s the special thing about the private label. Higher quality fabrics, better workmanship and also you get OPTIONS! You choose your own fabric, choose your own colors. Tweak, customize and make it your own! 

Ok, let’s get to the fabrics: 

Linen - Not new to BM customers, linen is largely used when the designs has heavy embroidery reason being linen will be able to hold the weight of the embroidery. Nidha, especially in bulk manufacturing are of a lighter fabric. 

 I used to think that linen only comes in solid colors but how surprised I was to see a somewhat mixed linen almost like tweed! Of course, this mixed premium linen would not be available for the $85-$95 range abayas. 

 Ok.. while pure linen would have the tendency to wrinkle - we used mixed linen that does quite the opposite especially those dark colours. Linen Abaya is what I pull out of my closet when I'm in a rush to work because I can skip the ironing part! 

Water or “Textured” Fabric 

If you ask me why “water” i really don’t have the answer. Haha, no, the fabric is not waterproof, so dont start walking in the rain thinking you will still be dry at the end of it. Haha! 

But textured, yes. It is a textured fabric and i feel this is the abaya that you need to take with you in your travels. Not as heavy as linen, you still can travel light. Plus - this is fabric requires none to minimal ironing. Minimal ironing if you just stash your abaya in the luggage without folding first that is. & No ironing if it’s been properly folded & then taken out to hang upon reaching your hotel. 

Also, it straightens itself out when you wear it. 

Coat Fabric

Next up, coat fabric. Coat fabric is even to me, a new thing. I fell in love with it when I was trying Nawal at the boutique. How structured it was, thus making me look slimmer! Haha! 

You may be wondering if coat fabric is the material you find on men’s suits. No no! Neither it is the material you find on winter coats.  On the contrary, coat fabric is a very thin fabric yet is opaque and structured. It looks good as it has a sheen to it which makes the handbeadings on Nawal stand out. 

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