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My Jannah

Good Morning Tuesday! 

I hope everyone enjoyed yesterday's post. If you have not read it, I believe it will be a good 5 minute spent on reading a story shared by one of our fellow sisters. Today, we will be sharing 2 short sharings by Sister R and Sister K. 

They were both emailed to us with the title "My Jannah." 

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Ok, bismillah. Let's start with Sister R's short sharing. 

Assalamu'alaikum bymarlena team!

Bismillahirahmanirahim i'll just write to the best of my abilities and if we win alhamdulillah syukur if not insyaaAllah your abaya will definitely benefit someone else be it on earth or the hereafter, amin! InsyaaAllah I'll be writing a story for about my heaven on earth.

The reason I changed the title is because I really treat her as my everything. She is such a beautiful being and sometimes I feel ya Allah.. I do not deserve her. Like in Surah ar Rahman, " So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?"

My mom is one of the nikmat Allah has gifted me with :'-) and I wouldnt trade her for anything in this world.

Even though its only been 21 years of living, as I grow, I have seen my mom go through many obstacles. (Not to open any aib) but she had to see her own daughter get married to someone she doesnt approve off, she had to listen to the bad mouth of people talking crap about her own children, and being hurt by the actions of my siblings that she usually would keep it all in her.

Even she had a tumour she would go to check ups alone just so she wouldnt trouble anyone else. Ya Allah, as the youngest child I feel so useless. The best part is she never ask for help yet she always get through all her obstacles with ease.

And when I ask how did you get through it ibu? Because she also has to take care of mg very sick father who despite us taking care of him everyday, he might have his days where he will accidentally scold us and actions tht will hurt us and being ladies we will naturally cry and feel down.

And ibu will say, "my strength is from Allah. I seek help from Allah." And i think that is what makes me so close to my mom and look up to her and love her so much. Because despite all her obstacles and challenges in life, she is still patient, she still loves everyone and her greatest love of all is for Allah and trust in Allah is just masyaAllah. Thats why i truly believe she in my heaven on earth and i really hope we get to be together in Jannahtul firdaus too :') amin insyaaAllah.


and Sister K's sharing of her Jannah...


I would like to share this story close to my heart about my mother & me that brought us closer. Alhamdulillah.... My mother is a housewife with 3 kids & me being the eldest. Growing up, my parents divorced & i saw my mum at her lowest. I was only 8 then.

Since then, i always doa & niat to work hard to make my mum happy & proud. Alhamdulillah, my mum found her happiness again & has since remarried 😊 Before i continue, my mum has been diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease, Takayasu Arteritis since she was 16 years old. It’s a disease that makes her own immune system attack her own body, narrowing her major arteries & limiting blood flow.

One of the reasons i became a nurse was to better understand how diseases work & how i can help her in her later golden years. Fast forward to 2016, my mother had a relapse of her disease. She had constant chest pain & was getting weaker by day. We went to the hospital & she was hospitalised to get treatment ASAP.

I was terrified at the thought of losing her & kept praying that she will be granted good health again. She has to go through so much poking for blood tests, for scans & for a surgery. It broke my heart. It was tough without my mother at home as i have two other younger brothers. I did not hesitate to take leave from work so i can fit in the role of a temporary mum & sister at home. Alhamdulillah, Allah s.w.t gave me, my mother & our family the strength to go through this.

When i stepped in for the role of a ‘ mum ‘ while my mother was in the hospital, i realised how tough it is when my mother is not at home. I realised how she was always the one to keep things neat & tidy, who filled our tummy & who makes home feel like home. I broke down at home when things got overwhelming.

But the moment when my mother told me that i did good & that she is proud of me is the moment i know that i’ll always be mummy’s girl & that no matter how old i am, no matter if i have a husband now, my mother is my Jannah. Alhamdulillah, she responded well to treatments & she is back on track. This has taught us to appreciate life & family more especially to appreciate my mother. I can never repay whatever she has done for me. I hope to continue to make her happy & proud. InsyaAllah amin.... Thank you for reading this & thank you for this contest! Some days we tend to forget what our mother has done for us & chancing upon this contest has made me relive so much memories for me & my mother ❤️


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