Ramadhan Goals

"You are never too old to set a new goal, or to dream a new dream."

In life, we should always aim to be better than we were before. Allah gives us every breath, not for us to remain stagnant but to always be better than yesterday, than the year before. Setting your goals is just like setting your end destination on Google Maps. When you know where you are headed, just follow the map and you'll get there.

If you don't set your destination, you'll probably end up round and round in circles and just end up "somewhere". You might even end up at the same place.

So we asked you this week, what are some of your goals for Ramadhan 2022. This were some answers we received: 

"To recite Al-Quran and give out alms as much as I can. Insya Allah."

"To be consistent in my prayers"

"Reap as much benefits for Lailatul Qadr"

"To seek forgiveness from Allah and guide me to be a better Muslimah to Him"

"Khatam Al-Quran"


While the goals are set for Ramadhan, it's never bad to start early. They say, preparation is the key to all success. Insha Allah. If we are able to, let's start doing what we aim for - NOW. 

& Let's not forget, a goal is nothing without plans on how to achieve it. So have we planned out how we are going to khatam the Quran? Have we planned out our routines for the month? When will we be reading the Quran- would it be after Maghrib, or after every prayer?

Sometimes we do set a goal but end up procrastinating it because there was not specific plans on how we want to achieve that goal we set in the first place. So let's prepare early. Plan our routines for the month - and stick to it. 

May Allah make it easy for us, especially mummies-to-be, new mummies, mummies with young children. It's not going to be easy for us but we hope that everything we do for our families in Ramadhan from preparing sahur to iftar be rewarded in abundance. 

May Allah grant the strength for us to push on, despite the late nights and early mornings with minimal rest. May Allah cleanse our hearts from any negativity and protect us from any harm. May we be better mums, better wives, better muslimahs this Ramadhan and be able to istiqomaheven after the holy month. 

Amin, Amin ya rabbal alamin.

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