She was stepped on, dragged off the bed while she was pregnant.

Amalia NazuraDec 22, '17


Assalamualaikum all, 

Todays heart-warming story is from Sister A. We thank you so much for sharing with us this story, I believe there are others out there who have had similar experience to yours. Sister A's story is about how a mother single-handedly raised her two children, trying to meet ends meet for the 3 of them. 

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Salamualaikum Marlena,

Firstly I am grateful for being able to participate in this contest as it made me to realise even more to appreciate my mom. My mom and I is not like any other ordinary mother-daughter. Start off with my mom being kicked out from her parents house and had no where else to go. My age was only 2 years old and we would stay at any nearest playground/ she would walk around the whole Singapore carrying me while pregnant with my brother.

You might wonder, wheres my dad, well ex-dad. We do have our own home but if we were to go back, my mom would be facing her abusive ex-husband. He would step on her stomach, drag her of from the bed which eventually made her fall eventhough shes pregnant. Yes, that kejam.

But Allah is great, my bro was born pre-mature but with the strength of a mother's love reciting surah from quran, he managed to face his danger zone and grow up - alhamdulillah. Put that aside, during our hard days, my mom would search for money thru thick and thin just to feed me. I could say we were homeless, cashless, everything is gone.

She dont mind working as a cleaner to just get a few cents. And when she gets that money, she would buy a chocolate biscuit and crushed it in a water and made me drink it, as a replace of milk as milk was too expensive for her at that moment. And I remember, with the leftover money, she would get a whole packet of seaweed not for herself but for me to eat. She would starve herself for the sake of her daughter.

As time goes by, she decided to leave me at her parents house and work eventhough we had to sacrifice our time together. We could only meet once/ twice a month. I couldnt get thru her as she was busy working day and night. Whenever she has the chance to call, i would run to the telephone and ask her to come back. But i understand it is not easy. However, she promised to bring me back home when the time is right.

Eventually 4/5 years later, she came over and wants to bring me back home along with my younger brother. She bought herself a small house just for the 3 of us. She fought for justice in mahkamah against her ex-husband alone.

She work hard to sustain her career. Till she found a new life-partner - but, she had to face even more challenges. Which is even a longer story. Well, no one mention it is going to be easy. The reason why I would open up to such a hurtful story about our mother-daughter life just for winning this abaya set is because, this coming 1 January is my mom's birthday.

And I want to show her that I would do anything for her even though it is not a big gift for her but the gift would be a constant reminder for me that an effort we put in for someone we love dearly is worth much more than money. Even if it is just winning a contest.

Thank you so much for reading!

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