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Amalia NazuraMay 16, '17

Do you have a business that sells another person's product? Are you a stockist, agent or drop-shipper? Can i guess that your "brand" name contains your product's name?

Let me give you an example : MiracleFoundation_Sg | Lopalens_MY

Recently I've learnt that we shouldn't be doing this. Why? It's best to have your own Brand name- one that people can identify YOU with. Not your product, not your HQ's name. 

Say one day you'd like to start selling another product in addition to the current brand. If you have a specific "MIRACLEFOUNDATION_SG" brand name, dont you think it's hard for you to market your new product?

What if the HQ is no longer there- no longer selling the product or has just ceased to exist. Will u have change your business / company name to suit your new product. The answer most of the time is YES. 

Take for example the Candy Empire. - they do not produce their own chocolates or candies, but do they name their company based on the products they sell "the Crunchie Maltesers NERDs JellyBean Daim MnM Mentos Empire Pte Ltd"? 

Or say Guardian - they dont call themselves the Guardian of Tissues Hair Dye  Shampoo Supplements Pte Ltd " Even shoe retailers for example The Royal Sporting House do not call themselves "the Royal Adidas Nike Reebok Sporting House" 

Thus what I am trying to convey is- we do not necessarily need to have our product name in our Brand. 

We need to have a brand name that identify us. Even By Marlena doesn't need to have "ByMarlena Abaya". It sort of restricts yourself. 

What if one day we'd like to expand and start selling other apparels? Would it be "By Marlena Abaya and Other Modest Apparels Pte Ltd"? No.

Because we are just By Marlena this is Our Brand. You can have your own brand too, not the product's brand.

Hope this helps people out there in one way or another. 

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