Types of Abaya Fabrics

When speaking about the different types of fabric used for abayas, I'm sure you will have at least ONE favourite. If you were to ask me, mine would easily be Crinkle! Its' ironless fabric truly has made such a huge difference in my life and I thank Allah for allowing me to witness such convenience. 

Let's dive deeper into the different types of fabrics By Marlena has been using for our abayas thus far. 


The signature and most popular fabric used for abayas, Nidha is known for its lightweight yet cooling fabric. Its smooth texture adds comfort to the wearer. Its perfect for both open and closed abayas and can be used for all types of occasions, giving you the perfect flow. 

Flow : 5 / 5 

Ironless : 3 / 5 

Lightweight : 5 / 5 


Premium Crepe 

Crepe abaya is a light, loose weave fabric and it is one of our favourites. This fabric gives you a look of comfort, durability and elegance. We use it throughout our Private Label designs to offer customers more options.

Flow : 3.5 / 5

Ironless : 3 / 5 

Lightweight : 4.5 / 5 



Linen is a naturally breathable fabric, which makes it ideal for warmer weather. Its great at wicking away sweat and keeping your body cool in the heat. Linen is also a very lightweight fabric so you can expect it to be super breezy. Usually this would be more used in the Private Label series. 

Flow : 3 / 5 

Ironless : 2 / 5 

Lightweight : 4 / 5 



Our customers' favourite - Nogoso. A minimalist fabric and well loved for it's minimal ironing nature, Nogoso features vertical lines textured all over the fabric. Giving you structure yet ample flow, Nogoso is a breathable fabric that you will definitely fall in love with. 

Flow : 4 / 5 

Ironless : 4 / 5 

Lightweightness : 4 / 5 



Crinkle is loved for its ironless feature, great for the ladies who want a fuss free get-up. Lightweight and perfect for travel, it's no wonder why crinkle is one of the community's favourite material, great for casual days.

Flow : 4 / 5 

Ironless : 4.5 / 5 

Lightweight : 5 / 5 


Crinkle Silk

Crinkle silk is by far... the MOST lightweight fabric you can find. It is literally paper light. It's one of our favourite fabrics that we use as our abaya inners. Underneath any abayas, both closed or open - you will definitely feel comfortable and even forget that you're wearing two pieces on you! 

Flow : 4 / 5 

Ironless : 4 / 5 

Lightweight : 5 / 5 

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