Dubai Bantal August 2023

The Dubai Bantal sale is By Marlena's sisters favourite time of the year where we bring in ready-made abayas at such a steal. Prices start from $95.00 and goes down to $75.00 when you buy a minimum of 3 pieces. 

Don't forget to use the codes at checkout. 
This round, we are excited to bring in designs with embroidery, handwork and basic everyday abayas with a play of comfortable fabrics which will be released at 9AM on 28 August.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the Abayas ready-stock?
  1. Mass-Produced Pieces: Unlike our customary collections, these Abayas are mass-produced. This enables us to bring you outstanding discounts while still being able to provide you great designs. 

  2. Pre-Order System: The Abayas are available through a pre-order system. This approach is designed to eliminate wastage and prevent excess orders. By operating on a pre-order basis, we ensure that each Abaya is crafted with care and precision, minimizing any unnecessary surplus.

When will the Abayas arrive?

Our pre-orders usually reach between 3-4 weeks, however due to the overwhelming response of our last Dubai Bantal, we see that our tailors may require more time. A safe period would be between 5-6 weeks from the order closure date (30 August) 

Please do not order if you require the abayas urgently, for a specific event in the next month. We would recommend you to visit our Boutique in 37 Bussorah St instead. 

May I combine the an instock item and a pre-order if i have an existing order?

We thank you for your continued support with By Marlena. However, to ensure efficient order processing and prevent any issues with stock management, we kindly request that you receive your instock items separately before your preorder.

Therefore, we are unable to combine orders if they are not from our August Dubai Trip. 

This approach helps us maintain organization and ensures that you receive each item in the best possible condition. Thank you for your understanding!

I have placed an order but i would like to add on from Ain's Live / More items from the Dubai Bantal collection. How do i do this?

Please let us know via WhatsApp or Instagram DM and we will manually add on your orders. Kindly ensure that you make the additional payment promptly so we can submit your orders as soon as possible.

May I change if I got the wrong size?

Unfortunately as the items are heavily discounted and are on a pre-order basis, we are unable to accept any exchange due to wrong size. However, you can join our BM Preloved Telegram and offer it on the channel to other sisters who may be keen to purchase. 

Are the Abayas nursing friendly?

Whilst the abayas are all ready-to-wear, ready designs from our suppliers, we still do consider the needs of our sisters hence will request that some designs are made nursing friendly. Please keep a look out on the description of each product for the nursing-friendly zipper. 

What are the modes of payment?

We hope we've been able to answer some of the frequently-asked questions. However, if you have any inquiries, please feel free to WhatsApp us here:

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