Our Top Picks for Muslimah Inners

Inners are an essential in every Muslimah's wardrobe. It's not just about how you look on the outside, it also matters how comfortable you feel going about your day.A good inner will keep you comfortable and at the same time allow you to be more confident.

As a Muslimah I often ask myself this question; where do I find the best innerwear to suit my lifestyle as a mother? Be it shawl inners to abaya inners, here are our top picks for Singapore's weather.


Let us start with scarf inners. Diyana Halik's Ninja inners are hands-down, one of the best inners and this can be vouched by both Mumboss and myself!

DH scarf inners offers full coverage of the head and neck area, but at the same time it doesn't wrap around your neck tightly unlike some other ninjas out there. In fact, it is really airy despite the full coverage. 

They're made with premium cotton lycra, a super comfortable material. Plus, It doesn't really move or cause my hijab to slip. 

With a toddler and infant in tow, I do find that these inners allow me to move and carry my babies easily. Yes, they'll pull and mess up my hijab but at least I am rest assured that no skin is showing on my neck when they do so.

The scarf inners are sold individually in a variety of colours (they're always sold out for the good colours so you need to be fast!) or you can even get them in a set. And if you do get them, let us know! We love when good things are shared. 

You can purchase their shawl inner on their website: https://www.diyanahalik.com/collections/scarf-inner



Truth be told, I am not a white person. I don't wear white blouses for the fear of it being translucent and because I don't really like to wear layers. Anyone here with me?

But, we cannot totally avoid it altogether because there will definitely be times when we have to follow a certain colour code or perhaps sometimes there are tops that are just so pretty to resist ( Read: Serra. Hehe) 

So I've quite recently found a super light long sleeve inner that is super comfortable: The Uniqlo AIRism UV Protection Long Sleeve T-shirt. Ok, to be honest the UV protection is a bonus to me. But what's more important was when I touched it... it was ice cool. Just unbelievably soft and cool.

They've got different types of necklines either scoop neck or turtle neck (good for those who don't like to wear ninja inners or wear turban style shawls). Just be sure you're going for the AIRism range and NOT the Heattech ya. They may look very similar, but they've got different functions ;-)

The only downside I would have to add is that nursing mummies will not be able to wear this because they're not nursing friendly. 

Another tip I would like to share is the colour of your innerwear. Especially for White Tops, I highly recommend to go for Light Grey Inners to block out the light and silhouette best. Never go for white inners underneath white tops. 

Here's a quick link to the Long Sleeve Inners: https://www.uniqlo.com/sg/en/women/uv-protection/tops



Abayas or Dresses, you name it. Sometimes they can be sheer and it could be a really important deciding factor when you're purchasing an outfit.

Most abayas would require an inner because it of the natural characteristic of the fabric used- Nidha. In UAE, traditionally abayas are meant to be worn as an outer wear over the homewear.

But here in hot and humid Singapore, many of us shy away from two-piece Abaya or when we need to have an inner for it because... simply said "LECEH" 

Well, not when you have a really comfortable paper-light inner. Right here, right infront of you. The Crinkle Silk Inner can be found here.

By Marlena has been bringing in our inners since 2017 specially for abayas when we realised our community or well, here in Singapore we do not have anything of that sort. Our new short sleeve sleeve inners are 100% comfortable and will make you forget that you are even wearing it in the first place. 

In addition to this, mummies.. you can look forward to having it in your wardrobe because we've made the inners nursing friendly too.

We're currently sold out for our long sleeve inners but you can look forward to its restock very soon. 

You can view all available colours here: https://www.bymarlena.com/collections/innerwear


If you have joined in our LIVE sessions, you probably would have heard Mumboss or myself saying "We highly recommend you to wear pants underneath your Abaya/Dresses"

It is a practice for us as well because personally I would never leave the house without pants underneath my dresses/abaya. This is because no matter how opaque
your dress is, under sunlight- there will be that silhouette showing through. 

Please note that I mentioned "Pants" and not leggings simply because the leggings will follow the shape of our legs hence it will still show the silhouette under light. At the same time, sometimes there will be static against the material of the leggings and your dress and it sort of "clings" on to the leggings, showing the shape of your legs. I don't really know how to explain this but if you've experienced it then you would know what I mean. HAHA!

So best best best option is to wear straight cut pants! I have no specific places where you can get this but the closest style I would recommend is our pleated pants - the pants should look something like that minus the pleats.

A place I can think of is the Geylang Serai Market on the second floor. There is an "Aunty" there selling all types of inners and i got mine from there. I can't remember the shape specifically but if you see a shop with all types of innerwear, then that must be it. Ask for the pants and you choose the material to your liking! 

I really hope this helps.

All of us have different body types and all of them are equally beautiful. It does not matter if you are lean or bulky, but it is very important to understand your body type when you choose your innerwear. Remember to always choose comfortability over aesthetic as innerwear need to gives you a breathing space as well as help keeping our modesty.

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