Types of Abaya

With so many types of abayas available in the market, how do you find an abaya that suits to your body and flatters your personality? 

In this blog post, we'll cover the different types of abaya and how you can choose the perfect abaya for yourself. 

Abaya Types : 

Open Abayas 

As Abayas are traditionally meant to be worn as an outer garment by the Emiratis, most abayas you find out there are abayas with buttons on the front. You could style it the way you want - with an inner and leave it unbutton (adds a little more "oof" to your style) or, if you prefer have it styled down - use the buttons and cover up. But of course, to ensure modesty, one should wear an inner underneath the open abaya regardless of whether you style it open (unbuttoned) or closed (buttoned)

Closed Abayas

While open abayas are still requested for, it is with no doubt that we receive a higher demand for closed abayas. Closed abayas are the ideal option if you’d like a garment to throw over your other clothing without anything underneath it being revealed. The convenience you get with closed abayas is unmatched. 

Batwing Abayas 

The batwing abaya could be confused with the Bisht style abayas. They are very similar, but the bisht abaya is wider in the hips area - as a matter of fact,  there is no actual bust or hips measurement because of the cut whilst for batwing abaya - you still would have to pay attention to the hips measurement. Generally, Batwing Abayas are still a little wider than the standard cut abayas. 


The Bisht abaya was originally inspired by the cloak that Arab Men wear on special occasions. They provide excellent coverage with a loose fitting cut that works well for all body sizes. Bisht abayas, regardless open or closed, are very versatile and you will be able to switch up the look with ease. 

The Bisht style abayas are very popular with the Kuwaitis. 


Before we move on to telling you which abaya type is suited to which body type, you must first understand your own. Unfortunately, not many of us know what type of body we have but let's share some of what we know! 

The different body types : 


The rectangle shape is a body type in which the bust, shoulders, and hips are the same widths. Women with this body type have a bit of waist definition.

If you have a rectangle shape, you can wear pretty much anything. However, since your shoulders and hips are similar in size, you want to choose styles that break up the rectangle at the waist with a belt.


The round shape is also known as the apple body type. People with this shape have a bigger bust and narrow hips with no defined waistline. They typically have a fuller midsection.

For round body types, avoid drawing attention to your waist. You need to maintain a balance, so it is best to opt for an abaya style that highlights your shoulders and adds fullness to the bottom of the dress.


Also known as the pear shape, this body type features wide hips and narrow busts and shoulders. Women with a pear shape typically have slim arms and full thighs.

Modest dressing for pear body types is about minimizing your hips. If you have a pear shape, you want to highlight your shoulders and draw attention away from your waist and thighs. So, draw focus to your upper body with emphasis on your sleeves because of your slim arms. You will need an abaya with sleeves that flare out from the elbows.


A person with an hourglass shape is considered curvy. This body type consists of equal measurements of the bust and hips with a tiny and well-defined waist.

If you have an hourglass figure, your waist is what you want to highlight when choosing an abaya style. Follow your shape and get abayas with a cinched waistline or with a belt.

Now we have fully explained the different body types and abayas. Ultimately, it all comes down to you and what you are comfortable in. Tell us, which is your favourite type of abaya? 

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