100 Free Abayas for Teachers

This year is special. It's By Marlena's 7th year since we first started and we truly have grown so much (alhamdulillah) especially in 2021-2022. We wanted to start giving back to our community because truly, they are the reason why we are here today.

In light of our main theme of the year - Celebrating You, we wanted to celebrate some of the professions that have made an impact in our lives. 

We started with the first one: Teachers.

Our Team started discussing on what we could do and finally put together an Abaya that has the word "Syukran" meaning Thank You in Arabic on the abaya. Well, we could have just included an abaya that was already available in store - but we wanted the products to carry a meaning to the teachers. 

We wanted them to be able to remember that they are appreciated each time they put the Abaya on. As such, we produced a simple abaya that was practical to be worn to school and yet carries a great meaning.

In the bag, there was also a custom pen, notebook and gift vouchers that our teachers can share with their friends and families. 

A day before Teacher's Day, we sent our team out in groups to deliver the giveaway bags personally to 100 individual teachers across the island.The Syukran, Teachers Giveaway was our very first massive campaign and we were very grateful for the overwhelming response. 

This is a write-up by Amalia, our Co-Founder and Director for the teachers who participated in the Teacher's Day Giveaway.

Thank you for making a difference everyday. Let  me share with you why By Marlena is doing this little giveaway.

It all started when my firstborn, Alia started going to school. Alia used to be reserved, not wanting to talk to anyone apart from family. She took almost  half the year just to adapt and to talk to her teachers and friends. As days go by, we saw many improvements in her that amazed me. Not just in terms of her A-B-Cs, but in her social skills too.  She started singing, dancing and recapping the things she's learnt in school. 

So last year, I was very very grateful to her teachers and gifted each of them an abaya from By Marlena. It was a gesture of my appreciation to them for teaching my daughter to read, write - things that I should be doing as a mum but I didn't, - and wasn't able to commit to fully. I guess a lot of working mums might be able to relate to this. 

Looking at Alia's progression and growth, that's how I realised how amazing teachers are. I could never thank them enough for their patience, commitment to impart knowledge on our little ones. 

This year, I want to thank more teachers out there who make an impact every single day.

Thank you for doing what you do. 

Love, Amalia 
By Marlena


We truly enjoyed the entire process and hope that all Teachers out there - always know that you are doing an amazing thing every single day. We love you. 

By Marlena