300 Free Shawls for Nurses

Assalamualaikum everyone, 

So if you have been following us, you would know that we do our PINKtober campaign every year since 2020. This year, however, we wanted to focus on the nurses who dedicate themselves to the people who are suffering from cancer and more. 

In line with our Celebrating You campaign, to celebrate By Marlena's 7th year, we started our celebration by giving back to others and reminding them that all of us - should be celebrated. 

Inspired by our Teachers Day Campaign (you can read up about it here), we wanted to do something similar but not the same. Whilst teachers day was giving away 100 FREE ABAYAS, we gave away 300 FREE SHAWLS to our dear nurses and those who are in the healthcare sector. 

You must be thinking "completely free"? Yes, they need not be an existing customer, they need not purchase anything. We wanted to just give away as a token of our appreciation to these front liners who have been through a tough time especially during COVID. 

Again, we wanted the shawls to carry a special meaning - not just another shawl.

The shawls were designed specifically with our symbol of the healthcare industry - a 4-petal flower that represents the cross. Each of the 5 designs released had these flowers. 

A lot of times, our nurses are being yelled at, they are being abused. Why?

We almost always forget that these nurses are humans with feelings too. Whilst we were hiding behind closed doors during the pandemic, they were out front - away from their families to fight the virus, to ensure that those affected had a chance at survival. 

Sometimes we forget to thank them for the things that they have done. We hope through this initiative, we would be able to remind the nurses that WE appreciate them. We hope that our followers can do the same and start to look after our nurses in return for their efforts too. 


Whilst we were able to deliver the giftbags to Teachers, this time it definitely wasn't possible to do for 3x the number of recipients. Instead, our team decided to open a booth at the recent Twilight event - in Downtown East from 22nd to 24th October. 

Alhamdulillah, the response was overwhelming and we truly hope that it has made your day in some way. 

May Allah always bless you for what you do, every single day.



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