A special gift.

The annual gifting practice started just last year - when we finally began to build our team in By Marlena. Prior to 2022, our team mostly consisted of Part-timers, and then there was Me & Mumboss. 

After a year and a half of COVID, the team decided to surprise some of our Platinum Khaas members by curating a special giftbox that consisted of a custom BM Prayer Mat and Quran Bookmarks as well as gift vouchers from local Singaporean Brands. 

We loved the response and how we were able to make our dear sisters happy. This year, our marketing team came together again to bring you a special gift - our very first coffee table that features Romantika Raya, our Eid 2023 collection. 

It may seem simple - but it is a gift that we would like our Khaas sisters to celebrate for being with us on our journey. 

20 years ago - Mumboss left Singapore for Abu Dhabi. Without any experience or knowledge of the outside world, she had to leave both myself and Ain, 5 & 4 to start a new life and grab the opportunity to work in the UAE. It may seem like it was easy, but it definitely was quite the opposite. 

But, if she didn't - then By Marlena would never have been formed 7 years ago.

2023 would be our 7th year since the brand was created, but it is only the 2nd year where we really started "building" the business, building our team and finding our purpose.

2023 would be the year where we embark on our new journey and we wanted our Platinum Khaas members to know that we're here because of you. We're here because you have supported us throughout our journey and without your continued support - we wouldn't be here today. 

The coffee table book is a significant momento to us. We worked on an even bigger Eid collection, to the planning of the shoot outside of Singapore, - both indoor and outdoor, to planning of the giftboxes, designing the book, packing the books and having it shipped to your doorstep, in time before the actual Eid 2023 launch. 

This Ramadhan is the year where we're going to be doing something we've never done before (really exciting, bismillah). This entire year in fact, is going to be different and an entirely new year of opportunities and challenges.

But the most important thing is -  we're really really glad you are here with us and we thank you for your support and prayers, always.