Celebrating You - A celebration for women of strength, courage, resilience and faith.

"A wholesome and heartwarming event"

"A night to remember"

Celebrating You celebrates By Marlena's 7th year journey since we started in 2016. We've definitely come a long way, but the pandemic truly has changed the way we see ourselves. 

Through the expansion, we were able to hire more ladies in our team. From a mother - daughter business, we grew to an even bigger BM Family. We learnt so much about our team and the challenges that they face personally. From there, we were able to support them and allow them to grow their skillset and also in terms of self-development. 

Alhamdulillah we see them develop their public speaking skills, we see that some of them are now more confident in putting their thoughts and opinions across. This was a far cry when we had our first townhall - where they had to be called up to talk and even with that, gave very minimal inputs. 

Some of the team members are single mothers who have never worked before, some undergo depression and anxiety, traumatised from the incidences that have happened to them but is all hidden under a happy facade. All kept within themselves, with nobody for them to reach out to.

This event, in partnership with Ustazah Liyana Musfira aims to ensure that our sisters in the community know that they should be celebrating themselves and that they have somewhere to talk to. 

Hayaa Network is an organisation that offers psychotherapy and this was what our guests experienced during our event that night. Hosted by Ms Mai, the floodgates were quickly opened when she touched on PAIN. 

It was an emotional night where we learnt that we need to start acknowledging the pain that we have. Most times, we shove the feeling aside and quickly get up to face yet another day. We keep pushing the pain aside to "function" short term but that - will most definitely ruin us in the long run. 

Sometimes we don't even dare to say it out loud. And it grows with you through your teenage years, grows with you through adulthood. 

Sometimes all it takes is just to tell the person (and yourself) - "Let's start over"

Stories were shared and we witnessed other sisters who could relate to the same situation - they started crying too. They started acknowledging the pain. 

Words that we could not find ourselves.. were said by another sister. 

We closed the Wanderspace session by writing down what we love about ourselves and about the person sitting next to us. 

After all the emotional moments, we moved on to our next segment - which is the crowd's favourite : The Lucky Draw! 

We are blessed to be surrounded with fellow entrepreneurs that have contributed to the lucky draw. The grand prize is an umrah trip, sponsored by M3 Oasis. 

We thought that the crowd would quickly dispersed after the session but, alhamdulillah they continued to network and build relationships with one another. 

We are so grateful for all who have attended and we truly hope that we will be able to organize more of such events in the future.