MakBesar : Chinta Edition!

We didn't take part in any events in January as we were busy with back to back photoshoots, courses and more courses. We've missed you so we're back. We're also humbly complying to all of your requests - to be more active in events. 

For MakBesar's event, we'll be bringing a ton of your favourites and only the bestsellers! 

Munirah and Safiyah was sold out at Celebfest in December, so we've brought it in - IN ALL NEW COLOURS! Even I am stoked for the new colours and I'm forecasting it to sell out again, so if you can come down on the first day.... PLEASE DO! 

Unfortunately, we won't be doing any reservations. 

Aside from Safiyah and Munirah in new colours, we'll also be bringing in a new shawl - Fleur Square! 

Feel free to also browse through some of our Ramadhan favourites - Nura and Sarah. Perfect for Taraweeh and your everydays. 

All in all, I truly feel like it's going to be a great 3 day event. I hope to see all of you there, insha Allah. 

Lots of love,