Saudi Arabia's Announcement on Umrah Dress Code Rules For Women

In a recent news report from Arabian Business, it was disclosed that Saudi Arabia has unveiled a set of clothing guidelines for women who are embarking on the Umrah pilgrimage. This announcement was made via the official Ministry of Hajj and Umrah account on X (formerly Twitter). In their social media post, the ministry detailed the appropriate attire for female pilgrims during their visits to the sacred sites. They also emphasized that although women have the freedom to choose their clothing, they must adhere to specific regulations. If you are curious about the dress code, it encompasses the following instructions:

  1. Attire must be wide and loosely fitting.
  2. The entire body should be covered.
  3. Decorative elements on clothing are not permitted.

    Following this development, there has been an increase in inquiries regarding what would be considered acceptable attire in Saudi Arabia whilst performing Umrah. Given the uncertainty surrounding the definition of "decorative elements," it is advisable to err on the side of caution. As a precautionary measure, it is recommended to opt for plain abayas, ensuring adherence to the stipulated clothing guidelines.

    Here are our recommended abaya options for your Umrah trip:


    Indeed, the jilbab is often considered one of the safest and most appropriate options for female pilgrims during their Umrah trip. It typically conforms to the dress code guidelines, ensuring modesty and compliance with the requirements for attire during this sacred journey. In addition to this, it is easy to wear the jilbab for umrah - no telekung / additional prayer wear required. 

    View the Jilbab Collection here. 


    The Dian abaya, characterized by its simplicity and loose fit, is an excellent choice for those seeking comfort and adherence to the dress code guidelines for Umrah. Its design with gathers on the arms adds a touch of style while maintaining modesty, making it a suitable option for female pilgrims during their journey.

    View the Dian Abaya here. 


    The Nufa abaya, with its batwing design, combines simplicity with sophistication, making it an attractive and practical choice for Umrah. Its roomy and comfortable fit adds to its appeal, ensuring ease of movement and adherence to the dress code guidelines while maintaining a stylish and sophisticated appearance. This makes it a must-have option for female pilgrims embarking on their Umrah journey