Weaving Elegance Together: A Collaboration Testimo x By Marlena


In a captivating fusion of fashion and grace, By Marlena and Testimo blend their stories, creating a canvas of elegance, vision, and a mutual drive to redefine style.

By Marlena focuses on crafting timeless abayas, embracing sophistication and modesty beyond trends. Testimo, born from Sari Batubara's fashion passion, offers abayas blending classic elegance with contemporary allure.

The collaboration between By Marlena and Testimo began with a shared admiration for craftsmanship and a joint desire to push the boundaries of modest fashion. Rooted in the belief that elegance and sophistication transcend limits, this partnership represents the union of two creative forces, each showcasing its unique essence.

For Testimo, the journey commenced with an ardor for designing abayas that resonate with classic elegance and modesty—a vision shared by By Marlena. The shared values of celebrating individual expression through fashion, while honoring grace and sophistication, form the cornerstone of this collaboration.

Together, By Marlena and Testimo embark on a harmonious journey—a synergy of craftsmanship and dedication. The amalgamation of Testimo's signature elegance with By Marlena's heritage of sophistication paints a tapestry of limitless possibilities—a collection that reverberates with beauty, grace, and contemporary allure. 

Our collaboration with Testimo transcends beyond mere garments; it’s a celebration of modest fashion and the artistry of abayas. By Marlena's steadfast commitment to redefine elegance in abayas harmonizes seamlessly with Testimo's dedication to crafting timeless designs and using premium materials.

The By Marlena x Testimo collaboration isn't solely about fashion; it embodies our shared ethos—a commitment to enriching your modest style journey and an ode to the fusion of elegance and allure within the realm of abayas. It symbolizes our promise to provide a diverse range of choices, where every abaya reflects our dedication to quality, style, and individual expression.

Together, By Marlena and Testimo invite you to immerse yourselves in a collection that represents not just elegance but a story—a narrative of unity, creativity, and a boundless love for abaya! Introducing our collaboration with Testimo at an introductory price range of $69 - $109, available exclusively at Celebfest. Speaking of which, By Marlena is thrilled to announce our return to events at Celebfest, set to take place at Suntec Singapore Halls 403 & 404 from December 22nd to 24th, 2023. We're back, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this moment with you!