We're finally in Arab Street!


Dreams do come true- when you believe you can and when you work towards it, of course. 

I was 22 when we had our first studio at Millage in Geylang Serai. We had the little quaint space for about 2 years before we moved out to Jalan Pisang - but we were on the 2nd floor, also quite hidden from the crowd. 

This year, 5 years later - we had the opportunity to open up our store, which we can now "proudly" call a Boutique. Bismillahi Masya Allah.

It has always been a dream to have our own boutique right in the center of Arab Street, well - it's actually called Bussorah St but everyone in Singapore knows Bussorah St, Baghdad St as "Arab" St.. right?

When we reflect back, the past 7 years hasn't been easy. We started with zero knowledge on business, on how to navigate through the challenges we had then.Oh, not to forget COVID! Our stocks were stuck at the tailors for 3 months with no way of sending it to Singapore. We didn't know what to sell and how to sustain with no stocks here. But, Allah was there with us and we survived. 

Right now, we are still learning and improving on how to both serve our customers and at the same time, ensuring we build our own people, building the people behind By Marlena.

But most importantly, I start to believe that dreams do come true. Patience, hardwork and the belief that you will be where you want to one day. You just have to take one step at a time and even if sometimes, you have to take one step back before going forward.It's ok. As long as you don't give up. 

I can't wait to see you in 37 Bussorah St, or you can call it Arab Street - whichever you like. Let me make it easy for you - it's just in front of Masjid Sultan. Yes, that popular tourist lane in front of Masjid Sultan where they take pictures of? 

The street that has the most number of arabic & turkish food? Yep. That street. 

 Just a point to note: It's not ready - ready as how i envision my boutique to one day look like, it's a rush work for now. We wanted it to just "Open" for Ramadhan so you can shop with us so much much more easily. 

(Tell your husbands to go taraweeh in Masjid Sultan.... then after that come by to visit us! Hehehe)

Insha allah we'll be doing some works after Eid to BM-ify the space & also have a private lounge space on the 2nd floor for our members soon, Insha allah. I can't wait for that too. 

 See you soon, okay?