How to care for your Abaya

Cleaning your Abaya

 We highly recommend you to Hand wash any of your Abaya. 

  • Please do not soak your Abaya longer than 10 minutes. 
  • Dilute minimal color detergent before placing your Abaya in. 
  • After 5-10 minutes, scrub on necessary spots such as the armpit area, the sleeves neck and hem.
  • Rinse & Hang to dry.  

If Machine wash is preferred, kindly observe the following:

  • Always wash your abaya inside out 
  • Place your abaya in a laundry bag 
  • Wash together with dark colors, wash separately the first time. 
  • Do not select temperature higher than 40 degrees
  • Dilute color detergent in water first before putting in the abaya into the washing machine 
  • Select the delicate washing or wool mode on your machine 
  • Hang abaya immediately after washing to avoid unnecessary creases 

      We recommend dry-cleaning if your Abaya has metal embellishments. 

Ironing your Abaya 

  • Use medium temperature ( for sheyla, only use VERY LOW - LOW temperature) 
  • Recommended to iron with an ironing cloth or *gauze placed on the abaya while ironing
  • Do not place direct heat on the label
  • Highly recommended to steam iron your abaya instead ironing to prevent accidental scorching of fabric
  • In By Marlena, we recommend Steam One brand for your steam iron. You may enjoy 5% discount you purchase online Enter code 5BYMARLENA at check out.  

* Ironing gauze can be purchased from Japanese stores.



  • Wash in the washer as per normal, max 30 degrees Celsius
  • Hang dry using a hanger as soon as the washing cycle ends
  • Avoid washing with denim or dark / light color clothes together
  • If you really have to iron out stubborn crease, please watch our video highlight on IG bymarlena_official
  • We will not be held responsible for any damage due to wrong garment handling
  • To stow, avoid folding your Hayla to prevent creases or damaging your pleats 

With proper care and handling, your pleats may last well for one year with regular wear and frequent wash. (based on our personal experience)