Thriving Forward in 2024: Unleashing the Power of a Growth Mindset

Salam ladies! 
As we jump into the exciting journey of 2024, it's time to grab onto that energy, purpose, and commitment to shape the life we dream of. Here at By Marlena, we're not just about making clothes; we're all about igniting a lifestyle—a blend of elegance, empowerment, and all-around wellness.

Here are five invigorating principles to infuse energy into your journey and embody your best self in 2024, aligning seamlessly with the essence of your abaya:

  1. Creating the life of your dream - no more playing small: This year, let's cast aside limitations and embrace the life of our dreams. No more playing small. Let your aspirations soar high as the silhouette of your favorite abaya. Each garment from By Marlena symbolises not just elegance but also the potential to empower your dreams.


2. Commit to Your Goals and following through: Just as By Marlena is committed to crafting exceptional designs, commit to your goals and follow through. Every stitch in our designs speaks of dedication and precision, much like the commitment needed to achieve your ambitions.


 3. Embody Your Ideal Self: Show up as the person you aspire to be until you become her. Just as the abaya represents grace and sophistication, let it be a reminder to radiate confidence and poise wherever you go. Wear your abaya not just as clothing but as an extension of your aspirations.


4. Take care of your wellbeing: As a part of the Muslim community, we understand the significance of holistic wellbeing—physical, mental, and spiritual. Our abayas symbolise not just fashion but a commitment to your complete wellness journey.

5. Say Yes to Growth, Say No to Stagnation: In 2024, embrace growth by saying no to things that no longer serve you. Each design from By Marlena reflects evolution, and likewise, let this year be about shedding what no longer aligns with your vision.

At By Marlena, we're thrilled to embark on a brand new year by your side. We're not just a fashion label; we're here as your friends, cheering you on in your journey towards self-empowerment and self-expression. Our collections? They're more than threads and designs; they embody your dreams, your resilience, and the vibrant tapestry of your cultural heritage.

Picture yourself in 2024, draped in the exquisite elegance of By Marlena, embracing the year ahead with poise and confidence. May this year overflow with moments of grace, purpose, and every bit of splendor our abayas bring to your life.

Wishing you a year filled with joy and success, InsyaAllah!

With heartfelt regards,

Datin D.

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