BTS : Romantika Raya 2023

"Is there any Raya collection coming?" "When is your Raya collection coming out?" "What is the theme for your Raya collection this year" - these are just some of the questions that were headed my way while I was working on the sales floor during the recent MakBesar and Twilight Downtown event. 

If you are a regular supporter of BM, you'd know that we NEVER miss our Eid collections - ever. It is one of the busiest periods for us at By Marlena and we make it a point to give the best of the best designs, always. 

This year, true to the theme, we pushed our boundaries, went all out for you and did something different. We brought our team to KL, liaised with the studios, models, MUA's and even hijab stylists from Malaysia to make it absolutely perfect. 

The journey wasn't easy too. We literally got lost in KL roads getting to the destination, a couple of U-turns and a ton of breaking our backs. 

While the view and pictures turned out spectacular, it wasn't an easy one. We had to hike up the mountains, pushed the railings under the hot scorching sun, attend to the models' with wardrobe changes, tons of walking with minimal shelter and a heavy ton of steaming the clothes. PHEW!

I'm really glad that we all came back in one piece! 

Last year's theme was Victory Raya, as it was a victory for us to be able to finally celebrate Raya once again, albeit the Covid-19 restrictions, but we were grateful — Alhamdulillah.  

I hope all of you will be able to see the beauty in this collection. It is our hard work, our dedication and commitment towards BM and towards all of our customers. When picking out the styles, the colours, it is all about YOU. 

Finally, I present to you, the debut of the most awaited collection — Romantika Raya. 

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