Victory Raya 22

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    If you've been following us last year, you'd know that our concept was bling back raya, as we have missed raya the year before due to COVID.

    This year, our theme is Victory Raya. Victory- reason being, we have fought long and hard against COVID, and in sha allah, the battle will be over- that the hard times will be over soon and that the world will either recover or be immune to it, insha allah. Whatever hardships that all of us will be over soon. Undoubtedly, with hardship comes ease.

    The second part is victory against ourselves. We go through Ramadhan each year, doing so much, as women, mothers, we wake up so early in the morning to prepare sahoor and spend the entire day fasting. We prepare iftar and then continue for terawih and qiyam. early morning and late nights, not forgetting our mother duties, chores. It's not like we can let go of all this things come ramadhan. We'd still have to attend to our families. At the same time we are also striving to be a better person in Ramadhan, chasing after all the "pahala" or rewards there is. At the end of the blessed month, we want to be able to continue at least half of the things that we have done moving forward. At least be a better person than we were before.

    I guess that's something that most of us miss. We usually think that we need to win against others, but actually the most important victory is against ourselves. We usually miss celebrating ourselves too, we usually forget to appreciate ourselves for doing whatever we can for the ones we love.

    This year, let's celebrate with Victory Raya in mind- to celebrate you.

    3 products
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