BM Installment Plans

You want to save money but you can't resist the Abaya? Why don't you pay only half now and the remaining later?

Purchase your Abaya over the course of up to 3 months. By Marlena offers you a way to secure your Abaya first, but pay later! 

Refer below to our 2 price plans: 

Abaya price: $79+$4.50 Shipping  Plan 1 - Over 2 months  Plan 2 - Over 3 months 
Downpayment  $41.75 $41.75
Month 2  $41.75 $20.88
Month 3  N/A $20.88


How do I place my order with Installment?

1. Proceed to checkout after adding items to cart.

2. Fill in your details and shipping methods until you arrive at the payment method page. 

3. Select "Put it on LayBuy" option as per the image below: 

4. Choose your payment plans. Either pay over 2 remaining months or over 1 month. Your Plan preview will be updated accordingly.

5. You will be directed to the Paypal page to proceed with your downpayment. 

Please make sure that you are only paying $41.74 today. You may be charged a small fee of 0.9% as a transaction fee. Please refer to the screenshot below: The total charged by Paypal will be $42.50


Overall - How it works: 



I have paid the down-payment, can I change my order?

You may amend your order BEFORE the cut-off of the month. If the cut-off has passed, we will not be able to amend your order as it would already have been processed. 

Why is my order processed before I made the FULL Payment?

We will be processing your order even before we receive full payment as Abaya designs have a quick turnover therefore we will want to secure the design of your choice before it runs out at our supplier's. 

Therefore you will have an ease of mind on having the SAME design and size as per your order. 

I would like to cancel my order. 

Unfortunately, STRICTLY no refunds on your orders. This is because your order has already been processed and we would have already ship the item to Singapore upon receiving your down-payment.