FAQ: YES 2020

Appointment Booking

Why do i need to have an appointment?

As much as we would like to welcome everyone in our small & humble studio, we are limited by the social distancing measures and would like to continue to make shopping safe. As such, we need to be control the number of people in the studio at any one time.

Why do I have to pay to book the appointment?

As we are working with limited capacity, we would like to maximize the number of people coming at any one time. Without the "booking" fee, we will be faced with last-minute cancellations and hence not being able to allow people who really would like to come down.

Your booking fees will be offset against the total bill on the day of appointment. Should you come on the day and do not see anything you like,  we will issue a giftcard to you with the same amount paid. 

How do I make an appointment?

You may click here to view all our appointment slots. If you are coming with your husband or a sister, you will need to select "2" for the timing you wish to come. Think of it as purchasing entrance tickets - each person entering the studio will have to have 1 ticket.

How do I confirm the appointment?

Your appointment is confirmed if you are able to successfully book the slots on the website AND have received a confirmation email. Kindly make payment for the booking within 15 minutes of receiving the said email. 

Your booking will be cancelled if we do not receive the booking fee & will open up the slot for another customer.

Can i cancel/ change the appointment?

Yes, you will be able to cancel the appointment by contacting us at least 24 hours before the supposed time. Any cancellations less than 24 hours or a no-show, will result in booking fee being forfeited.

Any changes will also depend on the slot availability. 

Can I bring my child?


Any child below 12 will not require a booking. Any child above 12 years old will be required to book a slot as well. 


How long will the appointment be?

 Each appointment slot is 45 minutes with a grace period of 15 minutes for payment processing. If you have booked at 2pm, you will have until 2.45pm to select the items you wish to purchase. At 2.45pm, our team will assist you with the payment and packing of your purchases. 

We will not be able to assist you on stock related queries after 2.45pm to ensure that there is sufficient time to prepare for the next batch of customers coming at 3pm.

What if i am late?

If you have an appointment at 2pm & arrived at 2.15pm - we will not be able to extend your time for the 15 minutes missed as we have another batch of customers coming in for the next time slot. 



I am not able to come down on those days/ all the appointment slots have run out. Can i purchase online?

Unfortunately the sale is an offline sale & you will not be able to purchase online. 

However, do visit our instagram and check out our post for personal shopper's service where our dropshippers will be able to assist you in getting the items you wish to purchase. 

May I know if xxx Abaya will be on sale & how much?

As this is a storewide sale, all items will have a promotional price to it. The price of the item will not be disclosed online. Almost half of the designs will be going at 40% off. 

Can I make exchanges?

During SALE & LIVE events, all sales are final. There will be no exchange or refunds. We highly encourage you to check the items before leaving the store.

Will I be able to get my points when purchasing instore?

Yes, when you purchase instore, points will automatically be credited into your account. 

Will I be able to get my points when purchasing through a personal shopper? 

No. You will have to be present to use your account when shopping with BY MARLENA.