By Marlena: Bringing Localized and Luxurious Dubai Abayas to Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei.


Dubai Abayas are known for their elegance and beauty, and By Marlena is a company that has successfully brought these exquisite garments to the Southeast Asian region.

However, what sets By Marlena apart is its ability to localize its Abayas to fit the fashion preferences of Singaporeans, Malaysians, and Bruneians. In this blog post, we will explore how By Marlena has tailored its Abayas to the Asian market.

One of the ways that By Marlena has localized its Abayas is through the use of colors. While traditional Dubai Abayas are mostly black, By Marlena has introduced a variety of colors to cater to the preferences of its Asian customers. From soft pastels to vibrant hues, By Marlena's Abayas come in a range of colors that are both stylish and practical for everyday wear.

Another way that By Marlena has localized its Abayas is through the use of lace and other embellishments. While traditional Dubai Abayas are often more towards black-on-black designs and handwork,  By Marlena's Abayas feature delicate lacework and other intricate details that add a touch of femininity and elegance.

We've also adapted the traditional open abaya commonly worn in Dubai to create a closed abaya that's more suited to the local climate and culture. In Dubai, the abaya is often worn as an outer layer and left open, but in Asia, many women prefer to avoid layering due to the hot and humid weather.

By creating a closed abaya that's easy to grab and go, we've made it more convenient for women in Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei to wear this traditional garment with comfort and ease.

So why do we call it Abayas & Not "Jubahs"?

 By Marlena takes pride in its commitment to tradition, and this extends to the terminology used to describe its garments. While many fashion brands in the region have adopted the term "jubah" to describe their modest garments, By Marlena continues to use the term "abaya."

This is not just a matter of semantics. By Marlena's abayas are designed to fit a range of body types, from petite to tall, which is why they use a unique sizing system based on length. Each size, from 50 to 62, corresponds to the length of the abaya itself, allowing women of different shapes and sizes to find the perfect fit, without alterations. 

This sizing system is not commonly used in other modest fashion apparel and is a nod to the traditional methods used in Dubai, where abayas originated. By using the term "abaya" and implementing a unique sizing system, By Marlena is staying true to its roots while also catering to the diverse needs of its customers in Southeast Asia.

How about authentic, Emirati designs?

In addition to localizing its Abayas for the Southeast Asian market, By Marlena also offers a private label range that stays true to traditional Emirati style Abayas. These black Abayas usually feature intricate hand stitching and are only made-to-order based on the customers fit. However, this private label range is only available to By Marlena's Platinum customers, who can access the private lounge at the 37 Bussorah St Boutique in Singapore. 

By Marlena's Platinum customers have the added benefit of accessing the private lounge at the 37 Bussorah St boutique. This exclusive space is designed to provide a personalized shopping experience for customers. By Marlena's commitment to exceptional customer service and attention to detail is what sets it apart from other Abaya retailers in the region.

By offering both localized Abayas and authentic Emirati-style Abayas, By Marlena is truly a one-stop-shop for all Abaya needs. This unique approach to Abaya fashion has made By Marlena a popular choice for customers who are looking for the best of both worlds - modern and traditional Abaya designs in one place.



  • Siti Alifah

    Salam Sis,

    Today I tried the maroon abaya with lots of gathers on the sleeves size 56. It was not included in my purchase. May I know if you can keep one for me?

  • Sue

    I received 3 sets of ByMarlena abayas for my birthday last year. The abayas fit me perfectly and since then, I’ve been hooked and the collection of BM is increasing by the months…

  • Lily

    Since i knew abt ByMarlena, became a member to Platinum Khaas in 4mths. Shows how much I love their designs.

    Comfy, nice designs & gd customer rapport

    Am collecting more from them….insya allah

  • Rose

    The moment I knew abt By Marlena, my love for abayas just grew.. keep soaring higher BM!! xoxo

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