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If you haven't noticed yet, luxury brands are coming up with shawls, modest dresses and even abayas in recent times. The modest fashion industry is expected to be valued at $311 billion by 2024. Whilst there is already an increase in local modest fashion offerings, the gap between luxury brands and the muslim community could still be narrowed. 

Today we're excited to review some of the abayas and modest wear on some of the luxury brands: 


Whilst Balenciaga is facing a fierce backlash arising from the controversial campaign recently, I still wanted to have a first look at the apparels that they offer. 

Balenciaga's styles are street, oversized and they do have a lot of layering which do help with modest dressing. 

I saw this Balenciaga Roll-Neck Maxi Dress and absolutely love it. Well first and foremost.. because it's black. (For those who knows me - you'd know i love Black).


I love Farasha Abayas / Kaftans like this because it is meant to be worn loose fit with no bust and hips measurements. You'd have to choose it based on your height - which is exactly what Balenciaga offers for this dress. 

The turtleneck detailing is one of my favourite necklines because it almost instantly elevates the entire look. No accessories needed, the dress exudes elegance and class on its own. But of course, that's irrelevant if we are wearing the hijab long. But but but, also - actually it helps with us wearing the hijab because it secures and confirms that your neck wouldn't be seen. I'm sure some of you understand the struggle of having a low neck apparel on. 

With oversized apparels, you could have two outcomes- a structured look or a more flowy look and this definitely will be the latter. Oh and lastly, it looks really comfortable to me. This is a piece that i would go for dinner dates. 

However, at $3,570 - honestly this wouldn't be something i would buy because I don't see any differentiating factor in this piece.



Dolce & Gabbana launched their very first abaya collection in 2016. Let's have a quick look at what they offered:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Their first abaya collection is a lot of play with laces and to be honest, it feels like they just plastered the laces wherever they could put it. There doesn't seem to be any intricacy or detailing in these designs. Aside from the high fashion concept shoot, there is nothing else that makes this looks worth the US$7,000 pricetag.

Dolce, please look into having the lace embroidered onto the fabrics. Perhaps some handwork beadings or swarovski crystals. Of course, it still wouldn't be 'worth it' for the regular muslim women, but at least - a better reason for the premium price. 

2019's collection look so much better - because they came out with prints. Screams Dolce & Gabbana, really. Even if i am not a print person, this for me - is much better than the first "cut-and-paste" lace collection.


3. DIOR 

Even though they did not market the scarves as hijabs, the Dior Oblique Square Scarf is getting a lot of attention by the Hijabis. 

As seen on Neelofa & Ameera Khan - the Dior Oblique scarf is indeed suitable to be worn as a hijab. 

Perhaps the scarfs are moving so much quickly now seeing that many luxury brands - such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and Chanel are coming up with more options for these 90 square scarfs. 

To be honest, I would go for these scarfs - IF the material was right. Satin silk would something that i would go for but if the material was thicker - somewhat like pashmina, it's something that i would step back from. 

These scarfs would be an accessory to quickly elevate your simple outfit. 


Now, I'm really excited to see what'll be coming next from these luxury brands. I believe that they are already starting to see the demand in the modest fashion industry and would likely not want to miss the train. 

Now the question is.. Would you or would you not spend in luxury brands should they offer products that are hijab-friendly?

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