The 1 abaya every muslim women should own.

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We're not sure how the pleated abaya craze started, or when it exactly started... but here's 7 Reasons why every muslim lady should have a Hayla in their closet.


Have you ever needed to head out for a short while but feel very very lazy to pick out your outfit and iron them?

Have you ever needed to dress up for an event but find that you're not in the mood for dressing up but still you know you have to look good and presentable?

This is why you need an ironless dress that you can just pull out, out on and yet look stunning in.

It is undeniable that the love for Hayla is due to it's ironless feature. Yes, you really don't have to iron your Hayla even after you wash them. Simply make sure that you immediately take them out of the washing machine once it's done and hang them (with a hanger) to dry. This should straighten out all of the creases. It really is that easy!



It may come as a surprise that Hayla is machine washable. Most abayas, especially those with handwork may require you to handwash or perhaps, even dry-clean. However, Hayla is that abaya which you can just "throw" in the machine, hang to dry immediately and wear it out again.

Another plus point? It dries quite quickly too. This is a feature of the nidha fabric that we use for Hayla.

A great tip would be to put your Hayla in the laundry bag separately and make sure you keep your washing load half-full.



To me, this is one of the top requirements before I purchase anything. IT HAS TO BE COM-FOR-TABLE. IT HAS TO BE.

The Hayla is made with Nidha fabric. Nidha fabric is a polyester blend which is widely used in making Abayas in the UAE. It is very comfortable and cooling to be worn by the Emirati ladies under the scorching hot sun there hence it is suitable for our climate here in Singapore. 

Plus, all of our customers who have touched and felt nidha has commended on how cooling the material is. Also, From some of our customers who have eczema, they have mentioned how this material does not irritate their skin. Yay!

You can be rest assured that you'll feel comfortable in Hayla all day long.



We used to think that “hey.. pleats are going to make me look big.”

 Good news. Hayla does the exact opposite. It lengthens the wearer making you look taller and ultimately slimmer.



As a nursing mummy myself, I find it disappointing when I find something nice at the store and unfortunately - I can't wear because it's not nursing friendly. Hence we have ensured that most of our designs - including hayla can cater to nursing mummies. 

Hey, we should be able to look good too! The zips are hidden so for those who do not need them, it will not affect the aesthetics, Insha allah.



As a long-term abaya wearer, I know that abayas generally have wide sleeves and that's something that we Singaporeans find a hassle too. You prefer something slim cut with a zip so that you can easily pull the sleeves up or even cuffs to ensure that the sleeves hold up on your arm to prevent it from getting wet during wudhu.

Personally I perspire quite easily (Especially in Singapore, hellooo?) and I have tried to wear handsocks with my hayla 1.0 previously but I find that it slips off quite easily or perhaps I just haven't found the right type of hand socks that would fit me best.

That's why we came up with Hayla 2.0 that comes with the inner sleeves so you needn't worry about having to wear handsocks! It also is easy for you during wudhu as you can roll your sleeves up together with the inner which will hold them in place!

Pleated abaya jubah with inner sleeves and hidden zip for wudhu friendly



Wear it out on a casual day, to work or for special occasions. Your hayla will fit all events! Pair your Hayla with lace (V3.0) up with a long statement necklace and a bag for that wedding invitation or simply put on your Hayla 2.0 for a quick errand. 

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    Salam, can I ask if there is any more stocks for Hayla Abaya?

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